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by spacejockey
Mon Jun 22, 2020 10:31 pm
Forum: General Discussions
Topic: i2s audio
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i2s audio


I want to connect an audio raspberry hat by i2s for which I need to know if I have to configure something in particular.
On the wiki I have not found anything about it.
by spacejockey
Thu Jun 04, 2020 12:39 pm
Forum: Display Devices
Topic: Rolling picture with YPbPr
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Re: Rolling picture with YPbPr

Yesterday i have same problem. I can work out deleting core's config (in /config).
The problem lies in scandoubler fx was ON(scanline 50%) so you turn off before active DIRECT VIDEO will be OK.
by spacejockey
Sun May 31, 2020 5:35 pm
Forum: Linux
Topic: Using USB DAC
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Is it possible to use a usb dac? it only has usb input (it does not have spdif or coax). It is an NX4 topping and connecting to the console I can see that it recognizes them (/ proc / asound / DSD / stream0 status: stopped).
by spacejockey
Wed May 27, 2020 4:14 pm
Forum: NeoGeo
Topic: Neo Geo CD
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Re: Neo Geo CD

you will be the Fisrt