Spectrum Next Demos

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Spectrum Next Demos

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In a similar vein, to the games thread, are there no intros, or megademos been done to really show off what the Next can do?

I've grabbed all the free games, seem to be all adventures, and I still have nightmares of when day after boxing day 1982, I bought Horace and the Spiders (Sinclair), Jackpot by CRL, Derby Day by CRL, and s0dding Inca Curse (Artic), and have hated adventures ever since.

Seems like all the platformers or shoot em ups, that actually look quite good, you've got to buy.

It's got 9 channel sound, can do 6581 sids, there must be some cracking ones somewhere?

Or music disks? Or rips off music from games? Just anything, even an intro with a scroller, a good tune, and copper bars would do! :)

EDIT - Aha, starting to fin d some on Pouet!!!

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