C64 roms (.D64, etc) default path

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C64 roms (.D64, etc) default path

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Got my new MISTer FGPA yesterday. Works like a charm: Amiga (own .whd Images), Commodore 64 (JiffyDOs, no problem), ao486 (own bootdisk, own VHD gamefiles, own optimized games, but still experimenting). Great.

Need help:

Commodore 64 default path for games:

i am using a folder "c64", root, Mini-SD Card with Jiffy-ROM in it. Works.

But i would like to use a USB Stick (Mini USB Hub) for all my own sorted (and own cracked) .D64 Images (with AMiga WHD Files, etc). Everytime i boot the "MISTer" Commodore Core again, starting new: if i change to choose/insert a .D64 Image, the default path is set to the "c64" root folder (with the jiffy ROM), not for example "games\c64\best", where i choose games before.

Any way to change the default path?

Why? I would like to use one single USB Stick for Amiga .VHD and my own C64 .D64 images. USB sticks works on all my pcs, dont need an cardreader, only changing the stick, not the small mini-SD card for updating games.

But ist extremly annoing to insert a game now: "change folder .., change folder games, change folder c64, ..."

Any config for the commodore 64 default / game path?
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