Mapper Requests

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Re: Mapper Requests

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What do you think if I open a topic to quote the best and rarest NES games and test how they work in MiSTer? :geek:
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Re: Mapper Requests

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Not sure if this is a mapper question, but can you play the Aladdin Enhancement Deck games as they were released for the AED?
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Re: Mapper Requests

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Kenryu wrote: Thu May 28, 2020 4:56 pm My bad, it's the PAL version of the game that has issues, which is called simply Turbo Racing. I just tested now.
I tested this just now, I see nothing obviously amiss, although it seems a bit flickery. It does not seem outside the norm for games of that era, especially PAL games. Do you have real PAL system footage to verify the real game didn't do this?
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Re: Mapper Requests

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I have a couple roms with mapper 189 that I use with fceux, will it be impossible to run them in mister? ... ever never?.
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Re: Mapper Requests

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Feng Shen Bang
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