SEGA SYSTEM C-2 HARDWARE (based on Genesis hardware)

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SEGA SYSTEM C-2 HARDWARE (based on Genesis hardware)

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"This hardware is based on the Genesis hardware, the main cpu, the sound cpu and the graphic processor are the same. The main cpu is just a bit faster (10Mhz instead of 8Mhz) and there is no Z80, the sound chip is driven by the main cpu. The dac is also replace by a uPD7759, the same as the System 16 hardware. Sometimes refered to as System 14."

We have the Sega Genesis and Sega System 16 (and now System 18) on MiSTer and Pocket. The recent addition of the System 18 version of Bloxeed, which is also a SEGA SYSTEM C-2 might be a launching point?

I doubt this arcade board would be as simple as the description: to up the CPU to 10mhz and delete the z80. Still, if minimal work was needed for this, greats like Puyo Puyo 1 & 2 could join the MiSTer ranks at some point. Also Columns 1 & 2, Thunderforce AC and some puzzle games.

[It would also be a cute look into some 'ride' and other amusement based titles that probably need special hardware like 'Waku Waku Marine', 'Print Club' and 'Segasonic Popcorn Shop'] :)

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