[Feature Request] Macro recording and replaying system

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[Feature Request] Macro recording and replaying system

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I was thinking to a macro record/replay feature (handled linux side).

1) Is there some interest in the community for such feature?
2) Did someone already try to implement it?
3) Are there any plan to implement it in the future?
4) In case I develop it by myself, are there any chance that it will be
eventually merged in the main repository?

My previous patch already had something similar [1], however now I am proposing
a self-contained mechanism for macro recording and replaying. In particular
it should allow you to:

- To select a combination of key as a macro trigger
- To associate to that combination a sequence of other input events
- To stop the macro recording
- To replay such sequence every time the trigger combination is pressed
- To keep a different macro list for each FPGA core.

For example, after a macro registration, you should be able to do the following,
pressing just one or two buttons on your pad:

- To swap a floppy image
- To insert repetitive or long strings, as if they were typed from the keyboard
- To save/load a savestate
- To reset the core
- To perform a reboot

[1] viewtopic.php?f=27&t=524
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