About metal jesus rocks video

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Re: About metal jesus rocks video

Unread post by MiSTer_Kirk »

bazza_12 wrote: Sat Oct 09, 2021 7:11 pm hang on...... you got a lawnmower..........???? woah there nellie.. what type.. flymo or old fashion petrol driven?
I'll have know, it's a petrol. But not any petrol, oh no, this is a HONDA!!. :D Take that, Plastic Jesus. ;)
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Re: About metal jesus rocks video

Unread post by jlancaster86 »

I haven't watched this particular video; it'd be a struggle with my eyes continually rolling.

I'm sure Jason's a nice guy and all, but he really has no clue when it comes to reviewing retro gaming hardware. I'd take his opinions (negative and positive) with a grain of salt. The same can be said for just about anybody else in his circle.
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Re: About metal jesus rocks video

Unread post by HappehLemons »

The video isn't great when it comes to showing off what makes the MiSTer so strong, but he's got a big dedicated community & he's only really shown this device in a positive light.

While there's criticism be made here, it's lame of a lot of you to straight bash on someone who has seemly only helped this community by introducing to 100,000 people who may not of known about this device by making a slightly flawed video about it. Feeling serious vibes of elitisms on a device that is just starting to build it's community that is that has a scatted knowledgebase to begin with. Unwelcoming attitudes.

This best approach here to avoid people making uninformed videos is for this community to work on making dedicated easily digestible resources for people just getting started.

The idea that he didn't mention a WIP Saturn core that is locked behind a Patreon with no front facing information out there apart from googling "Saturn on MiSTer" or something of the like if you're not already involved in this community is seriously reaching for something to be upset about because you are looking for a reason to complain.
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Re: About metal jesus rocks video

Unread post by Hetzen »

I've only recently started watching his channel and caught this video a few days back. And I have to agree with HappeLemons above.

I'd only add that he does have a bias though and this is disruptive tech to that whole collectors market.
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