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WiFi to Ethernet Bridge

Posted: Sat Oct 17, 2020 2:23 pm
by aberu
So this might help a few of you who had similar issues that I did. I noticed very bad performance with 3 of the suggested wifi modules listed in the wiki. I was using a usb 2.1 hub and I had tried an external usb hub as well. Nothing would work. So I decided to make a raspberry pi-based wifi to ethernet bridge for my downstairs living room, get a very simple cheap switch, and give my multiple devices a simulated ethernet connection. This has proven to be quicker, more reliable, and it generates less heat on the devices connected by ethernet. I tried out various online guides one after the other, and this is what worked for me: ... et-bridge/

Just have a raspberry pi 4 and follow those instructions, it works great. Personally I can transfer files and connect to the MiSTer's storage much better than with any wifi module. Hope this helps.