MicroSD card: 100MB/s or 275MB/s?

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MicroSD card: 100MB/s or 275MB/s?

Unread post by EeK »

I have two 128GB microSD cards at my disposal:

1. SanDisk Extreme Plus (up to 100Mb/s)
2. SanDisk Extreme Pro (up to 275MB/s)

Which one should I use?

Common sense would point towards the fastest one, but I’m not sure if there are any compatibility issues or if it even makes any difference on MiSTer.
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Re: MicroSD card: 100MB/s or 275MB/s?

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The fast one should work. Not sure if the MiSTer can take advantage of its speed though, so the advantage is in setting it up faster copying files to it and such. I have decided to go with a fast USB stick instead. The small Samsung FIT ones. Cheaper, faster and more storage. So I just use a small 100mb/s SD card
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