Getting your HDMI2VGA working with MiSTer

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Getting your HDMI2VGA working with MiSTer

Unread post by zource »

(Nhee, you dont need IO board)

1.Settings needed:

edit /media/fat/mister.ini


2. You need a hdmi2vga with audio jack to get sound, external sound(usb) will not work with any core at this moment.

3. The best option is to use a active hdmi2vga with power inn (USB plug or power plug) and an audio jack.

Like this:
35bc8d_72fbf0718d614585bf1de03fa4d830a7~mv2.png (92.8 KiB) Viewed 600 times

4. If you already have a passive hdmi2vga (without power inn) with audio jack.

Like this:
TT-HDMI2VGA-W-AUDIO-01.jpg (28.29 KiB) Viewed 600 times

Then you may need to use a powered hdmi switch between(for boosting signal).

Like this:
HDMI-Switch.jpg (21.15 KiB) Viewed 600 times

Happy Retro Gaming! :mrgreen:
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Re: Getting your HDMI2VGA working with MiSTer

Unread post by ioev »

I gave this a shot for component video, built the adapter described here ... pr-signals, and tested 2 different hdmi->vga adapters (one from aliexpress, another from amazon) and had mixed results. The video was super bright (my crt was buzzing from the bloom), but blacks were washed out. I assumed this was from the adapter not being able to handle full hdmi, but the hdmi limited setting in mister doesn't seem to do anything for component. I was also a little worried about the signal being displaying on startup and switching cores, which my tv didn't seem to like. The amazon adapter was able to display everything I tested (just nes, snes, genesis, tg16, neogeo) but the aliexpress one wasn't able to handle a few of them and output a pretty bad looking signal. In the end I just didn't want to risk damaging my set. Might try again later on if I can get a decent external RGB-to-YPbPr converter, or will just cave and grab an IO board.
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Re: Getting your HDMI2VGA working with MiSTer

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It's possible the adaptors you're using just aren't suitable for YPbPr, and that you need an external transcoder. Have you tried connecting to an RGB/VGA monitor just to make sure the RGB signal is OK?
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Re: Getting your HDMI2VGA working with MiSTer

Unread post by CaptainWolf »


I got a Ugreen adapter from Amazon, but I seem to have ground or sync issues with it when using with the DE-10 Nano, I get an image but it keeps drooping every 3-4 seconds. Now this only happens when using the DE-10's HDMI Output, it doesn't happen with other devices that output HDMI, any help?
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Re: Getting your HDMI2VGA working with MiSTer

Unread post by akeley »

This Ugreen was reported as working fine by other users, so the problem might be with your TV, or rather the combination of all three (MiSTer/Ugreen/TV). Some TVs seem to be sensitive to some MiSTer+I/O or adapter combos.
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