Patched roms for using original lightguns on crt

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Patched roms for using original lightguns on crt

Unread post by peke »

is it possible to patch roms to make original lightguns work on different cores? I have daemonbite adapters with nes/snes/genesis inputs.

I have an older IO board and buying snac will only work on nes zapper, besides with snac I will need the original peripherals with each core.




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Re: Patched roms for using guncon 2 lightgun on crt

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The short answer is no.

In my opinion GunCon 2 support still isn't in a great place and has gone largely unmaintained for quite some time now. It does work ok-ish in a few cores but I would consider it a novelty rather than a serious option. There is more information here.

GunCon 3 works pretty well but ideally the original peripherals are the way to go via SNAC. There's also Reflex Adapt but I don't have any experience with it and lightguns.

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