Sony LMD-1420 Connections

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Sony LMD-1420 Connections

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First of all thanks in advance for your time and help. I purchased an LMD-1420 and would like to know where to get good cables so I can hook my MiSTer to it? Should I use hdmi to rgb or vga to rgb or other option that would be better? I would like to order the cables and hopefully arrive around the same time as my monitor.
Sony LMD-1420 inputs
Sony LMD-1420 inputs
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Re: Sony LMD-1420 Connections

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Do you have the I/O board? if so you just need a vga to bnc cable. if it's a 5 BNC cable, use the horizontal sync cable and plug it into the "EXT SYNC" input on the monitor, and enable composite sync in the mister INI.
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