Where to get CRT Graphite coatings like AquaDag or 'ElectroDag'?

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Where to get CRT Graphite coatings like AquaDag or 'ElectroDag'?

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When repairing some CRTs and arcade monitors for Mister setups, sometimes the graphite paint on the back of the tube is flaking off. I've seen videos of people talk about products like:

Ted Pella 16056 Carbon Conductive Paint, DAG-T-502, 30g

AquaDag Colloidal Graphite Coating

yet I do not see these commonly found (ok, coating CRTs is very niche) and wonder if there are some reliable sources to find this, and testimonials of what to buy.

I usually only find some sites or ebay seller listing a tiny bottle for $100 (one time about $400!!) Does this really cost that much?? Also, are there experiences ones here that know how much flaked off coating justifies an application? Maybe you see if any problems like screen jumps happen prior to deciding? Do you ADD to what's there or get rid of it all and start fresh?

This might be a very niche question but I think the info will over time become more relevant for Mister and FPGA gaming.

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