Misconfigured web server redirects

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Misconfigured web server redirects

Unread post by pacoarcade »

Hi, I've noticed that some of the the web server redirects are misconfigured. If you search in google site: you'll notice the search engine is indexing lots of threads with the server IP (instead of misterfpga.org), giving a certificate error when clicking.

For example should redirect to https://www.misterfpga.org/viewtopic.php?p=21122
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Re: Misconfigured web server redirects

Unread post by Xbytez »

Thanks for the heads up.

SSL certificates are only usually signed for hostnames, and while technically possible, it is not normal to SSL sign IP addresses. No human users should be visiting the site in this way, however it does look like about 10% of the site has been indexed by Google in this format, I will get Google to remove the offending HTTPS IP based URLs from its search index, and stop it from indexing in this way in the future.

HTTP IP requests are redirected as expected.
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