PC/XT core

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PC/XT core

Unread post by jcarvalho »

Hi guys, does this core works? It seems that does nothing in PC mode but only displays some gw-basic stuff when I get lucky, not loading the Freedos_HD.vhd from github and nothing on Tandy. Is this a beta core or it works for real?
Thanks for your input and thoughts.

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Re: PC/XT core

Unread post by thorr »

Yes, it works. There should be plenty of reading material here for you to learn how to set it up. You need the BIOS files, etc.

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Re: PC/XT core

Unread post by Newsdee »

Not only it works, but it works great! :D
It does seem that you don't have the bios file setup, though.

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Re: PC/XT core

Unread post by Hodor »

It is one of the best cores available for the Mister. So, yes, it does.

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Re: PC/XT core

Unread post by Malor »

It's one of the only cores where you have to assemble the ROMs you want to use yourself. Almost all the other cores can have their ROMs downloaded by update_all.sh, but the XT core can use several different ROMs based on what capabilities you want your XT or Tandy 1000 to have, so you kind of have to download and build those yourself.

Once you've got your hardware configuration set, and the right ROMs to drive that config, it works very nicely. It's quite close to doing what a real 8088 machine did. It's much more authentic than the AO486 core, and should run almost anything that would run on a real XT. The AO486 core is much faster, however, and has VGA, so it's a better choice for newer games, weirdnesses notwithstanding.

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