Light gun support help needed

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Light gun support help needed

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Hi Gents, Guncon 2 for CRT TV and Guncon 3 for modern TV is great feature that have lot of cores. It would be great to have light gun support for spectrum core. I added isue to github core page and Alexey Melnikov replied that he never heard about guns on ZX Spectrum. He don't have neither guns nor CRT TV to even try it. So, may be someone who has it and know how to write HDL code will help.
Maybe someone here have one of light gun for spectrum and can help. Its not so much games for specy light gun but why not? ... /issues/37

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Re: Light gun support help needed

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I have one which works with a regular Kempston interface (supposedly). I tried it with the Next, and after some conversation had to change one of the pins. It still didn't (and continues to not) work. I don't have a real Kempston adapter to try it with.
Discussion is here: ... 733#p11733

I'm not sure if this is relevant to the MiSTer particularly, but there were several flavours of lightguns with different games supporting them, and various connectors, so emulating a Spectrum lightgun using a modern one might be challenging. There are some details about connectors on the first page of that thread ^^^

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