Advice for HDMI Users

Discussion about displays and related hardware including MiSTer filters and video settings.
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Re: Advice for HDMI Users

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KennyL wrote: Sat Apr 01, 2023 11:32 pm

I just found out about this issue after connecting a random 7" monitor I got from Amazon. The monitor powers on Mister via HDMI.

I read through this thread and I'm not clear on if CEC less HDMI cables and devices would also not send power to Mister? Will it damage DE10 nano if I keep using it like this? I'll probably return this monitor either ways.

I just had another Displayport to HDMI adapter go bad after using the MiSTer for a couple of hours. The adapter connects my PC to the other port of the same monitor.

The power of the MiSTer being connected to HDMI is a real problem. I'm also looking for an elegant solution to isolate the power from the HDMI connection.

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Re: Advice for HDMI Users

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Just stumbled across this thread and it got me wondering about something.
I have an active y/c encoder plugged into hdmi/direct video (via an hdmi to vga converter). I've noticed that the quality of the composite out doesn't change regardless if the encoder is plugged into an external power source or not. The quality is very good, however, and much better than the passive encoder that I have used (which was plugged directly into the analog board's vga out). Could it be that the hdmi port is powering the active encoder?

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Re: Advice for HDMI Users

Unread post by MattG »

I thought I'd pose this here vs. creating a new thread.

I've noticed when running update all and some arcade cores that the text runs off on the left side of the screen. This happens with an HDMI plugged into a TV. However, I recently used my MiSTer on a gaming monitor and noticed everything fit in frame.

Is there a setting I need to adjust for use on the TV?

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Re: Advice for HDMI Users

Unread post by FoxbatStargazer »

Yes, you need to adjust the overscan setting on your TV, which is unfortunately named a bunch of different thing these days. But usually its something like screen size or screen fit, or possible even one of the "wide" modes.

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