Horrible Load Times From Floppy

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Horrible Load Times From Floppy

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Hello there,

I am new here. I already read much in the forum. But now i have also a question and thats why i am registered now :)

So i also relatively new to the mister. And wow.. such a cool machine :)

I tried now the X68000 core and my problem is.. i have horrible horrible load times when i use floppy images in FDD0 and FDD1

for Example i have Akumajou Dracula as a HDF Image. When i load this it is totally fast. it lods in seconds.
I also have the game as HDM Disk Images. Now the Core do not use HDM as Image Files.. So i converted them with the Floppy Image Converter

http://www.vector.co.jp/soft/dl/win95/u ... 51106.html

(I dont know if this is the problem...)

But the load times are horrible.. i think about 5 to 6 Minutes till the Game loads..

But also many other Games.. when i load the DISK Images (After i converted them to D88 - as i mentioned.. i dont knowe if this might the problem.. i only have HDM Images that i have to convert before i can use them) i have to wait 4 5 or 6 Minutes till the game starts.

Does anybody know that Problem or do you have a solution for that?

Thanks a lot for your help :)

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Re: Horrible Load Times From Floppy

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I'm not sure if the Mister Core works the same but in original X68000 hardware Akumajou Dracula loads the complete game on memory and it takes almost 10 minutes. This is normal for this specific game when using floppy disks. The reason was to avoid any loading time during the game between areas including the music. Hope it helps.

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Re: Horrible Load Times From Floppy

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Yes it is known issue the core takes around two times than the real hardware for loading things from the floppy.

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