Edit .map Files?

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Edit .map Files?

Unread post by RexMendicorvm »

Is there any way to edit .map files or are they only configurable via the menu?

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Re: Edit .map Files?

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You should be mapping input devices in the MiSTer Main OSD initially and then in the individual cores.

There is lots of information about mapping input devices here, I think update_all also can be configured to download the pre-configured maps for most input devices.

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Re: Edit .map Files?

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What are you trying to do?

This may help:

There is a central configuration for each VID:PID (which this db helps handle by default) and then an option to map per core.

Cores can specify default mappings based on central config.

The .map file format is very simple (its just a binary dump), I forgot if the alternate mappings are done as two blocks (AAABBB) or interleaved (ABABAB) but it was one byte oer button. and the order of the OSD prompt (directions, ABXYLR, Select, Start, etc).

Personally I just remap in OSD, it only takes a minute.

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