Increment/Decrement Type Cheat Codes

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Increment/Decrement Type Cheat Codes

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Is it possible on Mister?

I know some Action Replay/Gameshark codes can be translated into the Mister's Cheat function.

But I can't find a list of all types of code available to use in Mister.

For example:

D0XXXXX 0010 (Joker Command "If" code - if you press triangle)
10XXXXXX 0001 (Increment type code - increase address X by 1)


11XXXXXX 0001 (Decrease that X by 1)

Afaik only the parallel port version of Action Replay/Gameshark works with that kind of code, even the "newer" CD ones do not (I think they use Xplorer code format)
so I was wondering if the Mister cheat "engine" is capable of that as well or it just works with basic/default constant writing

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