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Adjust Image

Unread post by saca85 »

Good evening guys, a question but is it possible to fix the Mister's image? It is attached to an LCD monitor, but when I force the image to full screen a black bar remains on the left side while the image is shifted further to the right, in fact in some Street Fighter II games it cuts out a bit the image

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Re: Adjust Image

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Check that the resolution you specced in /media/fat/MiSTer.ini matches the native/max resolution of the monitor.

Check if the monitor has settings that might be causing the issue, such as if you're feeding analog (rgb, composite, vga etc and not HDMI) to the monitor and the monitor settings need to be adjusted to properly center the image.

I always use HDMI to various monitors and I've never seen the MiSTer image be uncentered.

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