NES Switch Classic Controllers Freeze MiSTer [Solved]

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NES Switch Classic Controllers Freeze MiSTer [Solved]

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My NES bluetooth controllers that you get from club nintendo for the Nintendo Switch freeze the MiSTer upon syncing them via bluetooth in the OSD. They have previously worked before the update that happened to the linux side recently. Once the sync happens I lose access to the keyboard which has its own adapter I have tested multiple controllers and bluetooth adapters and get the same result once the connection syncs. On a side note all my other bluetooth controllers work properly including the SNES Switch controller.

There is a workaround, I can get the NES controller to connect to a 8bitdo retro reciever.

My theory is that since the NES controllers come in a 2 pack and have a left and right controller for charging on the switch like the joycons, the MiSTer thinks im either in combined or split joycon mode. There is no way that I can press press L1+L2+L3 and R1+R2+R3 to change modes. Any help or fix would be greatly appreciated!

EDIT - A recent update to the MiSTer has solved the problem.
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