Voiceover problems KQ6 CD (Solution)

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Voiceover problems KQ6 CD (Solution)

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KQ6 is one of my favorite childhood games, so I was very excited to play it on the AO486 core.

It's available via the top 300 games archive: viewtopic.php?t=1531

The full CD audio voiceover is available, but I found to my dismay when playing it, there was a lot of skipping, and other issues.

I searched around a bit and couldn't find almost anyone talking about these issues, so I figured I'd post my solution here in case it makes someone's day.

I remembered that I had dealt with similar issues in the past through Dosbox, so I figured it was actually possibly something to do with drivers, buffering, and the like.

It turns out that's exactly the case.

I found this very useful blog entry: https://nerdlypleasures.blogspot.com/20 ... kings.html

The solution is to copy the AUDBLAST.DRV from the FLOPPY to the KQ6CD folder, and then to adjust the AudioSize in RESOURCE.CFG to 24K.

Maybe 16K is the right value according to the above blog entry, but this is working well for me.

Hopefully this saves some time for someone looking to experience KQ6 in its full retro voiceover glory.

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