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Update All and Downloader Scripts Difference?

Posted: Tue Apr 02, 2024 6:43 am
by Streecs

Hi! I'm trying to set up my Mister FPGA using scripts from Wizzo. In his github page says, as I understand it, there are three ways to get scripts: through Unofficial Scripts submenu in Update All script, through editing downloader script and just download script to PC. But in my version of Update All script (I install Mr. Fusion v2.9) there are no Unofficial Scripts submenu. I haven't downloader script ether in scripts folder. I download it from the theypsilon github page and open with notepad, but wizzo doesn't say where exactly I should paste link to his repo. I try run both scripts Update All and downloader and mention that they visually do same thing. Sorry if I wrong. Is there are more relevant instruction to download, setup and update scrips by Wizzo?